mini sessions // nov 17 & 18

life is short. this sad truth has been evidenced lately.

just the other week, my family experienced the loss of my dad’s best friend. a man that has forever been known as my uncle. he inspired my love of psychology, encouraged me to chase my dreams, and is a long standing influence in my life. his legacy will go on for generations. he ministered to people of all walks of life, helped marriages be restored as a marriage and family therapist, aided in rehabilitation for addicts. he has left behind his wife and two children as well as many family members and friends. i would love to be able to give back to his legacy as best as possible. i want to help his family out. because of this, i have decided to offer a weekend of mini sessions. i don’t offer mini sessions and generally don’t offer family photoshoots. this is a rare opportunity. $150 minimum donation for a half hour for couple sessions, families, sr photos, headshots, model tests for portfolio, or anything similar. weddings and commercial jobs are excluded from this. this is a perfect opportunity for family photos for the holidays, new social media profile or cover photos, or just to have a nice photo for a good cause. i am offering 2- 8 hour days (sat/sun) for this special. you can book as many half hour blocks as you want. 10 photos delivered via digital download per half hour session. all proceeds will go directly to mike’s family. i don’t get a dime from this special. i’ve already been granted so much from mike and his legacy. it’s time to give back.

please email me at with the header titled “mini-sessions” if interested. locations and available times will be provided in the response. all locations will be local to southern california.

travel // seattle

last year, i visited seattle for the first time… basically, i fell in love. i have never felt so at home somewhere before. that trip was incredible, but i had so much more that i wanted to do. when things fell into place for me to go back a little more than a year later (3 days after returning from yosemite), i couldn’t stop myself. my buddy, nick, and i set it up and made it happen. 8 days in the pnw. geared with an assortment of gear from digital to film and instant film, i knew i would have fun creating just to create. things ended up falling into place like crazy through this trip. my buddy, easton, opened his place to us and it was amazing. another friend, eden, came down and hung out with us, surprising me with the news that she was moving back to so cal. catching jake gravbrot, who is a solid guy and friend, meeting up with kyle ford and attempting to shoot the northern lights outside of seattle in the middle of the night. catching up with mike monaghan and jordan voth, and having bomb food. meeting and working with rachel and camille on some personal fashion work (more can be found at that website meeting kezia and lauren in vancouver bc and having a kinfolk-esque picnic on a boulder in the vancouver bay. hanging out at glasswing and catching shea parton from apolis as he chatted about the company and gave business advice. basically, this was a trip that lives near to my heart. thank you to everyone who made this thing what it was. it truly means the world to me.

and pnw brides, bring me back!!!! i love this place and would love to document love stories up here.


enjoy a look into this crazy trip

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shot with a fuji xt1, canon 6d, mamiya 645af with scans by prophoto connection, polaroid 250, iphone 5, and fuji instax

travel // yosemite

i try to make it a point to travel outside of just work purposes. to experience something new. something exciting. something reinvigorating. with some major life events happening this summer on top of a busy year, i came to the realization that i needed some personal time. a chance to just refresh. because of this, i planned a trip to yosemite and another to seattle (you can see that post soon). these trips were wonderful. they refreshed me. they aiding in renewing my strength, clarity, faith, perspective, and so much more. with 2 of my best friends (Jacob and David), we drove up to yosemite on labor day morn with no idea of the amazing adventure that we were embarking on. we had roughly 2 days up there because of travel time, but still saw a decent amount and ended up finding incredible and mind blowing beauty outside of the densely visited valley. here’s a look into that 3 day journey that we jokingly hashtagged #brosemite2014

rsw-brosemite-01 rsw-brosemite-02 rsw-brosemite-03 rsw-brosemite-04 rsw-brosemite-05 rsw-brosemite-06 rsw-brosemite-07 rsw-brosemite-08 rsw-brosemite-09 rsw-brosemite-10 rsw-brosemite-11 rsw-brosemite-12 rsw-brosemite-13 rsw-brosemite-14 rsw-brosemite-15 rsw-brosemite-16 rsw-brosemite-17 rsw-brosemite-18 rsw-brosemite-19 rsw-brosemite-20 rsw-brosemite-21 rsw-brosemite-22 rsw-brosemite-23 rsw-brosemite-24 rsw-brosemite-25 rsw-brosemite-26 rsw-brosemite-27 rsw-brosemite-28 rsw-brosemite-29 rsw-brosemite-30 rsw-brosemite-31 rsw-brosemite-32 rsw-brosemite-33 rsw-brosemite-34 rsw-brosemite-35 rsw-brosemite-36 rsw-brosemite-37 rsw-brosemite-38 rsw-brosemite-39 rsw-brosemite-40 rsw-brosemite-41rsw-brosemite-43 rsw-brosemite-44 rsw-brosemite-45 rsw-brosemite-46 rsw-brosemite-47 rsw-brosemite-48 rsw-brosemite-49 rsw-brosemite-50 rsw-brosemite-51 rsw-brosemite-52 rsw-brosemite-53 rsw-brosemite-54 rsw-brosemite-55 rsw-brosemite-56 rsw-brosemite-57 rsw-brosemite-58 rsw-brosemite-59 rsw-brosemite-60 rsw-brosemite-61 rsw-brosemite-62 rsw-brosemite-63 rsw-brosemite-64 rsw-brosemite-65 rsw-brosemite-66 rsw-brosemite-67 rsw-brosemite-68 rsw-brosemite-69 rsw-brosemite-70 rsw-brosemite-71 rsw-brosemite-72 rsw-brosemite-73 rsw-brosemite-74 rsw-brosemite-75 rsw-brosemite-76


photos shot on a fuji xt1 kit and a mamiya 645af scanned by prophoto connection