Looking ahead at 2016

yesterday marked the end of one year and the start of another.

i ended last year, not releasing any content because i wanted to focus on my vision and goal setting for the new year while investing in my relationships. this time away gave me the chance to stop focusing on

2016 is a year that I’m excited to get underway.

i mentioned briefly that 2015 contained many growing moments, but presented many new opportunities as well.

here’s a quick update on what lies ahead for me.

  • i want to begin shooting elopements, stateside and international (and am offering special pricing for these, so hit me up asap). i adore the intimate settings, the authentic and romantic tones of the day, and how personal it is.
  • after my time in europe, i decided to set aside my work in fashion/editorial photography to focus on weddings, travel/lifestyle, and other business ventures. if you visit, you can see a bunch of my travel and lifestyle work.
  • speaking of that site, i will be working on restructuring my web presence as a whole as i look to unite my brand and centralize everything. hopefully this will be live in the next couple of months, but as we all know, web design is a pain. 😉
  • one of the biggest pieces of news is that i’ll be accepting a professorship at my former university teaching photography as part of a new program they are offering. i graduated just over 1.5 years ago and that was when the photography major had just launched. this is one of my top career goals and to see it happen has been such a blessing and mind-blowing opportunity that i couldn’t be more excited or grateful for. my class starts in just a few days.
  • attached to this, i am also looking to dive more into the education side of the photography/creative business and have plans to push into this a lot more over the year. i have developed a huge passion for learning business and trying to figure out the most challenging parts of being a full time creative. if you work in this industry, you know the struggle and i want to do everything i can to help you maximize your creativity and live out the life of your dreams by refining your business and designing your life. if you are looking to get into this industry, i want to help you get started, operating, and working through your first steps as a creative business. when this is live, it should be a huge aid to creatives of all skill levels and industries.
  • i look forward to living life with my amazing girlfriend abigail, and deepening our relationship with a sense of adventure and a jump from an airplane early this year.
  • i will be returning to belize and am hoping to go to 3 other countries this year (new zealand + australia perhaps?) as well as 4 new to me states.
  • i am determined to go see the northern lights this year. one way or another, i will.
  • i want to start rock climbing and scuba diving.
  • and lastly, i want to impact my clients and other people for the better. whether wedding clients and making their day as memorable and amazing as possible, volunteering for humanitarian work, partnering with a charity, educating and mentoring my students, helping a new photographer start their business, helping a veteran creative grow their business and live the life of their dreams, or living life with my friends while challenging them to be their best, i want to make sure that i invest in people and their dreams.


again, thank you all for being a part of this journey with me. it wouldn’t be the same without you all.

cheers and my your dreams become realities this year,
-Ryan Scott Welsh


2015: the best moments and memories

every year presents its own highs and lows. everyone gets hopeful in looking ahead and wishing that their dreams become reality. anything is possible… or so we feel.

when 2015 entered, i was in an interesting place. i was about 6 months out of college entering my first year of not being in school. i was in the middle of my first year coaching varsity soccer at my old high school. i was single and trying to re-examine what that looked like for me after a relationship fell apart and left me questioning a lot of my life and direction. i had lofty goals, with no real idea of how i was going to achieve them. i began putting together lists of dreams, attempting new business ventures, and redefining my work and why i do wedding photography. i wanted to know my vision and style and find the best way to communicate that to my clients.

in the first months of 2015, i was in the usual grind of engagement shoots, fashion tests, finishing my soccer season and immediately began my wedding year with a week in washington. this trip began to shape me for the many journeys ahead in ways that i could not begin to imagine. i went through a massive healing process on that trip that began to renew my passion and drive in life that i was lacking. from washington (with a brief visit to idaho and oregon), i returned back to southern california and saw things rapidly unfold. suddenly, some of my biggest dreams started becoming potential realities. they were within reach. with this new found hope, came new found opposition. i was hit hard in 2015 as well, but those things only drove me to be better, stronger, and more rooted.

the rest of the year saw many of those dreams, become realities. from my biggest dream of traveling to europe (did it for 25 days), to visiting my favorite soccer team’s stadium in manchester, to doing international humanitarian work, to seeing an international soccer tournament, to watching the u.s. women win the world cup, to meeting some of my best friends, to being plugged by massive brands and my favorite wedding blog, and the list goes on and was capped off by meeting my amazing girlfriend abigail. 2015 seemed to have it all. i witnessed myself grow more in a year than in my whole life combined. i found more inspiration than i have before. i learned who i am and what i have to offer other people. i saw God in creation all over the world.

i would not have been able to do this without all of the support of my loved ones, mentors, and my amazing clients who allow me to tell their stories all over the world. i was privileged to tell stories for couples in washington, napa, colorado, nyc, london, and california’s beautiful redwoods. on top of those places, i was able to work in oregon, utah, through the whole state of california, belize, through the uk, paris, and amsterdam.

in another post, i will be describing what 2016 holds in store. spoiler- it’s a lot and its…

i learned in 2015 that anything is possible.

here is a bit of the journey that brought me to that conclusion-


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2015 year end special!

i love running a little year end special to celebrate the beginning of something new.

2015 gave me the best year of my life across the board (details on that coming in another blog post entirely)

so as a way to usher 2016 in as a year with as much excitement and to hook my clients up as much as possible, this year i’m trying something a little different…

i’m letting you guys choose your deal.

choose one of the following-

$250 off of any wedding booked with me //
a complimentary love story session (local to southern ca, add in travel costs for out of area) to go along with your wedding coverage that you book //
or 25% off of a love story session (when not booking a wedding with me. travel not included)


bookings must be made before 12/31/15. contact me directly at or via the contact page on the site.

michael + morgan // mammoth mountain love story

these two… we all met at anthony + julie’s wedding and instantly became great friends. michael and i began talking about business and life, which obviously included morgan and their plans together. he told me that he was in process of planning the proposal and that he would keep me posted. once i got back from europe (more on that coming soon) we quickly began discussing the event that he had in store and what a plan it was. a trip to mammoth that she surprised him with for his birthday after he mentioned wanting to go and her dad encouraged the idea, a giant group of friends coming up as part of the surprise. a proposal on a waterfall overlooking a lake in the middle of the forest. an epic all day love story hitting rain, snow, mountains, desert, rainbows galore, sunrise, sunset, and hammocks… o how i love hammocks. this was such a perfect day. their story, their love for each other, their friendship, all of them inspire me immensely.

one of my favorite weekends-

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